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Accountants & Finance

Our call friendly virtual receptionists answering solutions offer complete flexibility with no lock-in contracts, providing incredible value-for-money during your busiest times.

Attorney & Legal

It is important for both solo attorneys and large law firms to have their phone calls answered, regardless of their availability.Anty Virtual receptionists are here to take your calls while your focus on your clients.

Car Dealership

When you are handling customers in the showroom, you can't possibly be answering phone calls at the same time. Your missed calls can translate into missed auto sales. Anty Virtual will take your calls and give you and your staff more time to attend to your customers.

Advertising & Marketing

Imagine yourself in the middle of an important call with your regular customer. At the same time, another appealing customer is calling. You are faced with the dilemma of whether to attend the other call or let it go; neither option is attractive. Anty Virtual Receptionist Service is there to handle such tricky situations and help you maintain stability in times of need. Stability is essential for running a smooth business. When all aspects of your business are running smoothly, you won't lose your grip.

General Business

Workers are always on their toes to fulfill product orders and ensure proper management. In doing so, keeping a check on every call is impossible. This is not a good sign for any company. By ignoring calls, you are also missing out on bigger opportunities. Anty Virtual can help you handle all of your clients. With Anty Virtual, all of your calls will be answered, and no opportunity will be missed.

Landscaping Services

When you're out in the field with noisy landscaping equipment, it can be tough to handle incoming phone calls. That's where Friendly Anty Virtual receptionists come in. They're available to support your business during and after traditional business hours, including weekends. With their help, you can ensure that you never miss a valuable opportunity, making your business available 24/7.


Grow your construction business without being tied to your phone. Anty Virtual receptionists handle your calls, capture and qualify new leads, schedule appointments, and seamlessly integrate with your existing construction software.

Emergency Restoration

When an emergency or disaster requires immediate recovery, callers need a live answering service. Fire or water damage can be devastating, and affected property owners seek a prompt response. Our friendly Anty Virtual receptionists will take care of your callers.

Home Services

Don't miss out on potential calls from your competitors just because there's no one available to answer them. By partnering with a reliable and experienced virtual receptionist service provider, you can enjoy peace of mind and excellent call answering services. Check out our guide on virtual receptionist services for businesses to learn more!

Are you losing revenue due to missed calls? Let Anty Virtual's friendly receptionists take your calls so you never miss a potential customer.