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Simply call 844-311-7829, visit Get Started, or email hello@Anty Team is available 24hours/7days/365 .

Anywhere in the United States, Canada, and the US Caribbean.
Anty Virtual is pleased to offer a money-back guarantee to first-time users of our virtual receptionist service and chat service. If you wish to cancel your service and receive a full refund, please inform us of the service you wish to cancel within 7 days of your purchase.

Anty Virtual will generate a monthly usage invoice with details of total minutes used (plus any overages if any) and round upto the nearest 15secs.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed.
Our team of virtual receptionists can transfer incoming calls to any phone number of your choice, including office lines, home lines, or cell phones (excluding the number forwarded to Anty Virtual). Please note that additional fees may apply for numbers outside of North America. To ensure reliable communication, many of our customers provide us with multiple phone numbers, allowing us to reach them through various channels.
Answering services are usually identifiable as a “service” because they usually only perform basic tasks such as message forwarding and can lack a personal touch. In contrast, virtual receptionists are actual people who sound as if they are present in your office. They can transfer calls to you live and provide important information to callers.
Yes, we are PCI-compliant.
During the onboarding process, we thoroughly understand your business and transfer that information to your call script. Our Virtual Receptionists are trained using your instructions, call scripts, website, and FAQ’s.
Every business is entitled to receive the first phone number for free. If your business requires multiple phone numbers, we can offer you additional phone numbers for a small fee. Whether you need a toll-free or a local number, we have got you covered.

Receptionist Services FAQs

Anty Virtual provides Virtual Receptionists who are committed to establishing genuine and significant connections with your callers. Our team of Anty Virtual receptionists can efficiently manage and transfer calls to your preferred location, take messages, answer frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, communicate clearly with your callers, return calls on your behalf, screen for solicitors, and perform many other tasks. It's like having a full-time receptionist at your premises, but at a much lower cost. Our Receptionists are available 24/7/365, and we'll be happy to discuss and determine which hours would be the most suitable for you.
Certainly! You have the option to forward your current phone number to us either full-time, part-time, or at a later time. In some cases, we can even transfer your number to Anty Virtual, allowing us to host it for you and eliminating the cost of maintaining a separate phone line.
Onboarding is easy - just call us! Our team will guide you through the process.
We provide each customer with a unique number that you can use and share as per your convenience after the service. You can choose a number in your desired area code, subject to availability.

Great! Below is a typical example of how our Virtual Receptionists handle calls.:

  • The call will be answered by a Virtual Receptionist who will greet the caller with your custom message..
  • If you are unavailable to take a call, our receptionist will relay your message and take a message
  • If a call comes in, the receptionist will put the caller on hold and ask if you're available to take it.
  • If you agree to proceed, the call will be transferred right away.
  • In case you are unavailable to answer a call or decline it, the Receptionist will either redirect the call to voicemail or take a written message. You will receive the message via email, please see below.

Please note that we are flexible in our call-handling approach and can customize it to meet your unique business needs. This includes options such as not screening calls before transferring, only taking messages, collecting specific information from callers, trying multiple lines, and more. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss what works best for you!

 If you are unable to answer or decline a call, our receptionist will either transfer the call to voicemail or take a written message. We recommend that you keep us informed of your availability status. During the onboarding process, our experts will help you set up your normal call handling instructions. This helps us ensure that your calls are directed to you when you are available and lets your callers know when they can expect to hear back from you. 

Our Virtual Receptionists can take messages, transfer to voicemail, or transfer the call to someone else if needed.

Receptionist time is billed in 1-second increments and rounded up to the nearest 15-second mark for monthly usage. For example, if monthly usage is 54 minutes and 8 seconds, it will be rounded up to 54 minutes and 15 seconds for billing purposes.
When it comes to inbound calls, the receptionist's time is calculated from the moment they receive the call until they transfer it to someone or to voicemail, or until they disconnect because the call is over. Additionally, any time the receptionist spends completing information on your call after the caller has hung up is also included in the calculation. We include hold time in this calculation, but we exclude the talk time once the call has been transferred to you or your voicemail box.
To calculate receptionist minutes for outbound calls, we consider the total duration of the call with the Outbound Call Specialist and the time they take to send a follow-up email with the results of the call.

If you exceed the allotted minutes in your plan, you will be charged extra as per the overage rate specified in your plan. If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your Anty Virtual Services (in accordance with our Terms of Use), please get in touch with us at

We offer to place calls to gather or relay information or confirm appointments on your behalf Monday to Sunday.  Include your request during the onboarding process.

Certainly! It is possible for multiple companies to combine their minutes.
No, our receptionists do not collect any payment information. You enter the Credit card payment directly on Anty Virtual PCI-compliant website.

Chat Services FAQs

Great!! Get Started
Simply call 844-311-7829, visit Get Started, or email hello@Anty
That team is available Monday to Friday, 5am to 5pm Pacific / 8am to 8pm Eastern.

Anty Virtual’s 24/7/365 live chat service is designed to help capture your website traffic and turn visitors into customers. Anty Virtual’s Chat Specialists engage website visitors and gather contact information to help you convert them into customers, while also saving you time by responding to FAQs and employment inquiries. If your website visitor is motivated to connect to you right away, our Chat Specialists can also call the visitor and connect them live to someone in your office during the hours of Monday to Friday, 4am to 7pm Pacific / 7am to 10pm Eastern.
Yes, our friendly live Chat Specialists respond to your website visitors within a minute, typically more quickly. The chat box is customizable in terms of which pages you want it deployed on, the color and fonts, the messaging, and how it engages your website visitors (pops up after a customizable amount of time or just waits for them to click on it).

A chat is an online interaction that starts when a website visitor engages a Chat Specialist, and ends when (a) the Chat Specialist determines the chat is not company-related, (b) the visitor closes the chat window, or (c) the Chat Specialist closes the chat window.
We measure usage of our chat services using the concept of engaged chats. All chats considered engaged chats are billed to our customers, including but not limited to those tagged as Leads, Actionable Support, Non-Actionable Support, and Recruitment. Chats that are not engaged are defined as those that are initiated by a bot, contain nonsensical verbiage, or are ended by the website visitor after the initial hello.

All chats will be available to you at You will also receive an email that contains the transcript for each lead and actionable chat (e.g., an existing customer that has a question). For HIPAA-compliant chat service, the email will simply be a notification letting you know that you have a new chat at
The email notification you receive and label within will indicate whether there is action requested by your website visitor for you. If your website visitor is interested in being contacted promptly, our Chat Specialists can also call the visitor and connect them live to someone in your office during business hours.
Yes! If your website visitor is interested in being contacted promptly, our team can call the visitor and connect them live to someone in your office during the hours of Monday to Friday, 4am to 7pm Pacific / 7am to 10pm Eastern.
Additional chats are billed per chat according to the overage rate associated with your plan.
With our HIPAA compliant chat service, your chat transcripts will only be available at You will also receive an email notification whenever you have a new actionable chat at To keep the sensitive information collected from your website visitors secure, the transcript itself will not be emailed to you.

Are you losing revenue due to missed calls? Let Anty Virtual's friendly receptionists take your calls so you never miss a potential customer.